About Lab

Major Research Fields

The major research fields of the BTU(Building Technology research Unit)are developing the building technologies to minimize the energy use and environmental load through building life-cycle. The physical properties such as air flow, heat and air-pollutant diffusion and lighting in room, building and urban reign are studied based on the experimental methods and numerical simulation methods. Built environments are studied in terms of human health and comfort in usual life.

Research fields of BTU are as follows;

1) Developing Low Energy Building System
  • Hybrid Ventilation System (Natural and Mechanical ventilation)
  • Hybrid Air-conditioning System (Natural and Mechanical Ventilation with Radiant Floor Cooling)
  • Cooperative control system coupled with HVAC system, lighting system and blind system
  • Cooling system using natural wind characteristics
  • Multi-unitary system for multi-residential building

Stack effect driven Hybrid ventilation, using the temperature difference as driving force

Hybrid Ventilation System coupled natural ventilation with mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.
Cooperative Control System : Blind opening rate (open/closed, slat angle) is controlled to minimize the energy demand for air-conditioning and lighting.


2) Developing the Building Retrofit Strategies
  • Building Retrofit Strategies considering energy saving and cost


3) Developing the Building Technology for Super High-rise Building
  • The countermeasures for Stack Effect
  • Air flow simulation method in high-rise buildings

Elevator shaft cooling method to minimize the stack effect in high-rise buildings

4) Developing the Urban Environmental Design Methods
  • Coupled CFD Simulation of Convection, Radiation and Conduction

  • Elevator shaft cooling method to minimize the stack effect in high-rise buildings